Light Up The Church

Stand in solidarity with our Jewish brothers and sisters. On November 9th, 2022, synagogues and churches kept their lights on in response to the Nazis’ Night Of Broken Glass, Kristallnacht. The Nazis tried to extinguish the light of the Jewish people forever, we said “Never Again!” Will you and your church, business, or home group join us on November 9th, 2023, when we reenact this historic movement?

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Starting in the late hours of November 9, 1938 and continuing throughout the next day, Nazi mobs torched and vandalized hundreds of synagogues throughout Germany and damaged, and often completely destroyed, thousands of Jewish homes, schools, businesses, hospitals and cemeteries. Nearly 100 Jews were murdered during the violence, which came to be viewed as the prelude to the Final Solution and the murder of six million Jews during the Holocaust.

How can one commemorate one of the worst atrocities known to mankind?

On Thursday night, November 9, 2023, we will mark the abhorrent night when the lights of Germany’s synagogues went dark in 1938 – Kristallnacht, the Night of the Broken Glass. In memory of this night and its countless victims, lights in churches and synagogues throughout the world will blaze all night long. Light shall replace darkness; Resurgence shall replace loss; Friendship shall replace destruction; Good will triumph over evil.

Christians will join Jews in this powerful statement:

The Jewish People will never be destroyed.

Please do not miss this event! Make sure that your church, ministry, business, home group, school, organization, or even private home is counted among the Christians who stand by their Jewish brethren worldwide by leaving the lights ON all night Thursday night, November 9, 2023!

Participation in Light Up The Church is free of charge (Love offerings are graciously accepted.) Registrants are requested to submit a picture of their church (or other participating building) in the daylight upon registration, and a picture of it lit up on November 9. We will post pictures of your church here on our website and on social media. Please register here to express your solidarity and to receive updates.